Residential Services
Identify, Inspect, Eradicate
Central Pest Control (CPC) has over 27 years of experience in safetly and effectively treating and removing pest infestations. The first step in treating is to identify the type of pest involved and then inspect the premises to discover the extent of the problem. In situations where there is evidence of pest activity we provide a full report, make recommendations to remedy the situation, and provide a written estimate to deal with the problem at hand.

  • ▪ Commercial Housing
  • ▪ New Condos
  • ▪ Heritage Homes
  • ▪ Primary Residences

Commercial Services
Protect Your Investment
Central Pest Control offers professional commercial contract services. Our Integrated Pest Management program consists of a complete evaluation of your business by one of our qualified technicians. They will inspect and evaluate your situation regarding construction, existing evidence of pests, moisture conditions, possible entry points and other pertinent information.

Discreet Pest Control Services
CPC can identify and eliminate common household pests quickly, safely and with discretion. In addition, we can set up a regular inspection program to ensure that pests don’t return after initial treatment. Contact Central pest Control Ltd. today to discover how you can be pest-free now and in the future, at an affordable price.

  • ▪ Hotels
  • ▪ Restaurants
  • ▪ Warehouses
  • ▪ Office Break Rooms
  • ▪ Food Production Facilities

Oilfield Services
Identify, Inspect, Eradicate
Oil facilities can experience unique pest control situations. An oil field may contain a gated yards, vacant land, housing complexes, and property with pipes and machinery that are exposed to the elements. This makes it easy for pests to invade oilfield properties. We specialize in providing pest solutions to oil fields so that your operation can continue to run smoothly, safely and without any delays.

  • ▪ Sour Gas
  • ▪ Refineries
  • ▪ Pump Areas
  • ▪ Head Offices